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Kaze No Stigma - TV Anime Romantic Comedy Series
This series showcases the familiar scenario of two extremely different people coping with denial. Kaze No Stigma shrouded in numerous different genres that you will recognize. Much time is dedicated to displaying the fiery lady who bristles and the cool yet aloof guy. And he is not surprisingly drawn to the woman’s plucky nature, in spite of her fiery temper:)
Every jam the odd cpuple get into brings them closer together and then pushes them apart. Will they unite or will not they stay at odds? Waiting for them to answer that question and watching them attempt to work around their differences is a common theme. The story line blends genres at times and leaves you with a strange sense of satisfaction. Kaze no Stigma is magnificently entertaining and will consume your attention without taking your life away:)
Anime Series Kaze No Stigma
Kazuma Yagami returns home years later with painful secrets and a powerful power of his own. After serving to solve a number of mysteries, Kazuma proves his wind magic is an invaluable asset to the Kannagi household, earning himself a consulting position. Not precisely familial acceptance, however Kazuma would not thoughts as long as he gets paid. However, he’s routinely paired with the fiery younger inheritor to the household, Ayano. Sure, it’s the Kannagi family’s obligation to guard Japan from the misuse of magic, and it is clever to pair up the two most powerful members, however Ayano’s father has…plans for the potential young couple. Ayano could be loath to admit it, but she has realized an incredible deal from the time she spends with Kazuma.
Kaze no Stigma would not appear to know where it desires to go. In the beginning, there was a supernatural thriller, and it wasn’t too shabby. Ghosts and power-hungry magical households gave the Kannagi’s a run for their money. Then the series hit its mid-point, and the latter half of the sequence wanders off into the land of romantic comedy. All these issues that went bump within the night slunk off to hang-out another series whereas the audience is subjected to filler episodes that characteristic failed attempts by friends and family to get Kazuma and Ayano together.
The quantity of the humor falls flat, though, particularly when it runs opposite to the fanservice, sending a bizarrely combined message. It’s effective for the viewers to take a look at Ayano’s skivvies, however heaven help a personality within the sequence that she deems a pervert. In any other case, the dynamic between the characters is entertaining enough, and when the humor works, it really works well. The action is similarly spotty. Typically a collection is price looking ahead to the fights. Not so much for Kaze no Stigma, except it’s for woman-fights with plenty of fanservice.
Family drama and romantic comedy are wrapped in a skinny, crunchy coating of action in a series that’s entertaining sufficient, however suffers from an identification crisis. Is it a supernatural mystery? Kind of. A romantic comedy? Definitely. A revenge story? Kinda. Look at it one way, and Kaze no Stigma has a bit of one thing for nearly each taste.